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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
FavIconTracker log analysis program - favicontracker-log-analysis-program.zip
Source of a script log analysis program. As a side-effect
Language: Perl - Size: 9,05 KB

QTabs - Show content in tabs - qtabs--show-content-in-tabs.zip
Display blocks of content inside tabs. Easily set up multiple blocks of information and allow visitors to switch through them by clicking tabs or navigational buttons.
Language: JavaScript - Size: 75,24 KB

UltraSpy - ultraspy.zip
Example provides information about open windows in the system (handle, class name, etc.)
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 57,58 KB

CloakDLL - cloakdll.zip
Source of program show how to hide modules from winapi.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 3,99 KB

Tizag PHP Graphical Countdown Creator - tizag-php-graphical-countdown-creator.zip
Source of a easy customized countdowns. Can change the text size, position, color, dropshadow, etc. This script currently supports jpg, jpeg, gif, and png images.
Language: PHP - Size: 296,01 KB

CryptoLib - cryptolib.zip
Source of a library that provides the implementation of several cryptographic algorithms. It is designed as an extension to the .Net Framework cryptographic library, and it is totally interoperable wi...
Language: C# - Size: 75,47 KB

Data Compress / Encryption
Automatic Completion - automatic-completion.zip
Source of program show complete the words entered by the user.
Language: Java - Size: 3,13 KB

FastStrings - faststrings.zip
Fast string functions written using assembler inserts. The best library for every programmer, whose main priority is speed and efficiency of code.
Language: Delphi - Size: 15,16 KB

jsDatePick Calendar - jsdatepick-calendar.zip
Source of calendar using DOM techniques to generate it's HTML. Optimized for speed, flexibility, and aesthetics. It can easily be used by webmasters with little to no Javascript experience, or experie...
Language: JavaScript - Size: 108,50 KB

Easy GuestBook - easy-guestbook.zip
Source of a a guestbook very simple and convenient to use. Script can put smilies in messages and add or remove in the administration, it is possible to display a specific number of posts per page it ...
Language: PHP - Size: 74,77 KB


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