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JavaScript Source Code: Image Changer

The best demotivating images.

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Image Changer

Description Source Code: Source of a script to neatly display a series of images on website one after another, using a gentle fading effect between each picture. Allow your scripts to interact with the jscImageChanger to Stop, Play, or jump to a certain image.

(File Size: 127,29 KB)
Project files: image-changer.zip
jscimagechanger/docs/0 B2010-06-24 12:37:00
jscimagechanger/docs/changes.htm835 B2010-06-21 12:50:36
jscimagechanger/docs/example.htm2,44 KB2010-06-24 12:49:42
jscimagechanger/docs/functions.htm5,17 KB2010-06-24 12:35:34
jscimagechanger/docs/globals.htm1,73 KB2010-06-24 09:56:20
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/0 B2010-06-30 19:17:04
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/image1.jpg40,75 KB2010-06-24 12:45:38
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/image2.jpg24,19 KB2010-06-24 12:46:12
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/image3.jpg36,31 KB2010-06-24 12:46:36
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/image4.jpg27,25 KB2010-06-24 12:46:56
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/logo_100x100.jpg21,22 KB2010-06-30 19:17:04
jscimagechanger/docs/imgs/Thumbs.db36,00 KB2010-06-24 12:47:16
jscimagechanger/docs/index.htm1,39 KB2010-06-21 12:53:06
jscimagechanger/docs/properties.htm2,97 KB2010-06-24 11:01:22
jscimagechanger/docs/styles.css564 B2010-04-22 19:31:36
jscimagechanger/docs/use.htm3,11 KB2010-06-24 12:31:50
jscimagechanger/index.htm1,36 KB2010-06-21 12:49:26
jscimagechanger/jscimagechanger.js2,92 KB2010-06-24 12:48:34
jscimagechanger/license.txt1,75 KB2009-11-25 10:46:02
All files: 17Total: 209,93 KBLatest: 2010-06-30 19:17:04
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