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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
easygmap - easygmap.zip
Source of a online map builder to create simple, easy-to-use maps with Google Maps. It allows the user to add markers to the map and optionally giving each marker a name, description, and picture. The...
Language: PHP - Size: 76,08 KB

PHP TarBackup - php-tarbackup.zip
Source of a simple class that allows backing up an entire Web site. It automatically works around timeout limits by splitting the job into multiple requests, allows tarball archive creation and update...
Language: PHP - Size: 52,37 KB

Data Compress / Encryption
PHP BookIn - php-bookin.zip
Source of a online bookmarks manager that can use to share bookmarks across the Net.
Language: PHP - Size: 164,16 KB

mysqldump - mysqldump.zip
Source of a PHP script that dumps a MySQL database into a mysqldump compatible SQL script. It can also dump a table into CSV format.
Language: PHP - Size: 2,52 KB

PHPlottery - phplottery.zip
Source of a script for running a simple lottery without requiring users to register. This is simply done by creating a key-pair. This pair is then known by the user and by the application for later us...
Language: PHP - Size: 17,54 KB

Network & Internet
ZebraFeeds - zebrafeeds.zip
Source of a web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator. Can aggregate news from subscribed newsfeeds into one or more pages.
Language: PHP - Size: 174,71 KB

Network & Internet
Simple HTML Parser - simple-html-parser.zip
Source of a easy HTML parser for PHP 5 that might be described as a stream parser. It divides HTML into nodes (tags, text, or comments) and returns them one at a time in the order they appear in the s...
Language: PHP - Size: 277,38 KB

Proxy Detector - proxy-detector.zip
Source of a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy. This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client. When the user uses a proxy se...
Language: PHP - Size: 2,92 KB

Network & Internet
Create Excel, Word and other files from PHP - create-excel-word-and-other-files-from-php.zip
small but effective utility module that can create .xls .xlr .doc .txt .ppt .rtf and .csv files. You just pass the data and a filename. It can also capture print output (from echo statements) and send...
Language: PHP - Size: 3,00 KB

PHP Server Copy - php-server-copy.zip
One of the biggest pains in hosting a website comes when you realize that you need to switch servers, or mirror a website. Ideally your initial server should do you just fine, but theres always those ...
Language: PHP - Size: 1,22 KB


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