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learning for kids

Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
xsw - xsw.zip
Source of a slideshow presentation tool for those who are frustrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and its clones. Presentations are edited "by hand", making the editing process simple, fast, an...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 426,62 KB

Psychopyretic - psychopyretic.zip
Source of a dungeon-based platformer game. The eventual goal is to allow full extensibility through the editing or creation of map files, campaign files, and scripts.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 157,80 KB

cancan - cancan.zip
Source of a text-based, interactive utility similar to telnet, but with a number of extensions useful for MUD playing. Another use might be to provide line editing, aliases, etc., for those services t...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 116,18 KB

FruitPlay - fruitplay.zip
Source of MP3 player based on a standard component of TMediaPlayer. Creating and editing playlists is attached.
Language: Delphi - Size: 10,60 KB

Pascal Editor - pascal-editor.zip
Source program designed for editing program source code written in Pascal syntax highlighting.
Language: Delphi - Size: 91,70 KB

TThGrid - tthgrid.zip
Source program that shows how to create a component inherited from TCutomGrid (table containing rows and columns with their own design, editing data and insert images).
Language: Delphi - Size: 248,47 KB

MSHTML Editor - mshtml-editor.zip
Source program that shows how to create a WYSIWYG-editor, HTML, contains enough features for creating and editing web-pages.
Language: Delphi - Size: 152,96 KB

Engine 3D - engine-3d.zip
Source program, which is the foundation of the game engine in OpenGL (you can run, turning his head). After starting just can not see anything because the view sent up by default. That all was OK to p...
Language: Delphi - Size: 4,50 KB

Bin Editor - bin-editor.zip
Source program designed for editing binary files. Very similar to Lister in Total Commander, but allows you to change the value of any byte. It is possible to find a text or hex data.
Language: Delphi - Size: 14,13 KB

Extension component TEdit - extension-component-tedit.zip
Source program that shows an example of the expansion component TEdit (prohibition of character input, auto-format input values, removing all gaps in Paste, withdrawal dates in the center of the compo...
Language: Delphi - Size: 9,26 KB


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