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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
String to Hex - string-to-hex.zip
Source of a example of the implementation of the dump to get assembly. As an experimental ASCII string. Source is very easy to convert a file dumper. Contains a function HexDump.
Language: Assembler - Size: 3,49 KB

Calculator - calculator.zip
Source of calculator which supports floating point, trigonometrical functions, logarithm, binary,octal, hexadecimal digits and more.
Language: Assembler - Size: 21,73 KB

GetSeg library - getseg-library.zip
Source of a static library that contains a function to parse a string into segments. It then allows the user to extract a segment from the string.
Language: Assembler - Size: 6,60 KB

DirectPlay Demo - directplay-demo.zip
Source of program show how to use basic functionalities of DirectPlay.
Language: Assembler - Size: 138,33 KB

InetChkS - inetchks.zip
Source of a DLL containing several functions you can use to calculate checksums for IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and PPP protocols.
Language: Assembler - Size: 17,94 KB

Flux - flux.zip
Source of utility to check serial and parallel port functionality without using VxD.
Language: Assembler - Size: 24,73 KB

Revised InString function - Fixed InString - revised-instring-function--fixed-instring.zip
Source of fixed three nasty bugs in the original InString function included with MASM32.
Language: Assembler - Size: 1,69 KB

SysInfo - sysinfo.zip
The program contains a function that detects the type and frequency of the processor, graphics, basics of a sound card, etc., etc., etc. ...
Language: Assembler - Size: 45,94 KB

Hash library - hash-library.zip
Source of library which implements alogitmy calculate and verify hash functions: CRC16, CRC32, FCS, GHASH, GOST_R-34.11-94, HAVAL, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA2, TIGER
Language: C, C++ - Size: 61,44 KB

dump2func - dump2func.zip
Source of a simple tool that creates a C source code for using one or a set of dumped/ripped functions with the automatic handling of the static/fixed buffers and the compatibility with DEP.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 28,47 KB


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