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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Load3DS + Collision - load3ds--collision.zip
Source of simple 3ds model loader and collision detection.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 69,83 KB

Antiprism - antiprism.zip
Source of a set of programs for generating, manipulating, transforming, and viewing models of polyhedra.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 4,75 MB

Vertex - vertex.zip
Source of a 3D modeler designed for experienced end users and programmers to create human-optimized OpenGL objects. It features a real-time rendering preview (while modeling), printing, v3d file forma...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 1,75 MB

MyLanguage - mylanguage.zip
Source of Case Study of the interpreter for the language model. Surrendered as a laboratory for the course "Methods of transmission."
Language: C, C++ - Size: 46,13 KB

3D Crade - 3d-crade.zip
Source program that shows how to create a editor of 3D models and scenes based on the script, with the ability to view and manipulate 3D objects created. The program works without using DirectX or Ope...
Language: Delphi - Size: 768,99 KB

CCR Exif - ccr-exif.zip
Source of a library of to work with EXIF in JPEG can create, read, edit, remove EXIF. Most modern digital cameras record the shooting of the image files. As an example of information recorded in the E...
Language: Delphi - Size: 986,79 KB

3DS Viewer - 3ds-viewer.zip
Source program that shows an example of reading 3D-models from 3DS files and render them using OpenGL. The model includes: a mesh, textures and materials.
Language: Delphi - Size: 150,53 KB

Operation with the bones smd model - operation-with-the-bones-smd-model.zip
In the demo shows how you can rotate and move the bones smd model. And if this all has to tie and physics, you get normal ragdoll. Source of program uses GLScene.
Language: Delphi - Size: 27,93 KB

MD3 Move - md3-move.zip
Control Sample modelki (md3), with jumping, running, shooting, etc. Also an example of the curve and CreateSnapShotBitmap TCollisionManager Uses a slightly emended MD3Helper.pas. Source of program use...
Language: Delphi - Size: 636,18 KB

Maxwell Triangle - maxwell-triangle.zip
Source program that shows an example implementation of the color model of Maxwell (Maxwell's triangle), the sample revealed the concept of chromaticity coordinates.
Language: Delphi - Size: 6,08 KB


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