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Learning for Kids
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learning for kids

Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Varnish - varnish.zip
Source of a high-performance HTTP accelerator designed for sites with large amounts of non-personalized dynamic content, such as online newspapers.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 1,14 MB

Network & Internet
Chronos - chronos.zip
Source program that shows how to create a program to account for time visitors online salon (works with 20 clients, uses a database of Access).
Language: Delphi - Size: 46,19 KB

Delphi MMOG - delphi-mmog.zip
Source program that shows an example of creating an online game related to the genre of MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) for Delphi + GLScene (3D virtual world).
Language: Delphi - Size: 69,70 KB

VilloNanny - villonanny.zip
Source of a Travian robot that plays the popular online game for you. It can build villages and attack enemies while you sleep.
Language: Java - Size: 265,38 KB

Java Games - java-games.zip
Source of a collection of simple games that are compiled into Java applets and meant to be played online in a Web browser. Currently the collection contains four games: XO World (similar to tic-tac-to...
Language: Java - Size: 140,61 KB

BobChess - bobchess.zip
Source of a simple online chess clock with Normal, Fischer, Simple Delay, and Bronstein modes. It runs entirely in browser using trivial JavaScript.
Language: JavaScript - Size: 20,59 KB

My Classifieds - my-classifieds.zip
Source of a Perl CGI implementation of online classifieds, similar to other classifieds or auction sites. It displays all aspects of the classifieds and creates all of the files. Admin just needs to s...
Language: Perl - Size: 82,74 KB

Free PHP photo gallery script - free-php-photo-gallery-script.zip
Source of a powerful Free PHP photo gallery script. Easy installation and easy admin management, create online photo album with unlimited albums, subalbums and photos. Rotate, crop, lighten, darken, b...
Language: PHP - Size: 1,25 MB

easygmap - easygmap.zip
Source of a online map builder to create simple, easy-to-use maps with Google Maps. It allows the user to add markers to the map and optionally giving each marker a name, description, and picture. The...
Language: PHP - Size: 76,08 KB

EasyPhpAlbum - easyphpalbum.zip
Source of a thumbnail gallery script and the easiest and safest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online!
Language: PHP - Size: 55,95 KB


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