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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Stars - stars.zip
Source of a example an OpenGL program using MASM - "Through the Stars."
Language: Assembler - Size: 5,86 KB

OpenOrbiter - openorbiter.zip
Source of a multiplayer game for up to 8 players on one computer. Each player controls an Orbiter which is affected by gravity and inertia. The goal is to kick all other Orbiters out of the map.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 90,01 KB

glapp - glapp.zip
Source of a library that allows to conveniently use OpenGL together with the WinAPI - setting OpenGL, working with fonts.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 147,64 KB

Initialize OpenGL - initialize-opengl.zip
Source of program show how to initialize OpenGL in WinAPI in C++ Builder.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 2,01 KB

PSY PONG 3D - psy-pong-3d.zip
Source of a three dimensional Pong clone written in C and using OpenGL/GLUT. It runs on GNU/Linux, but the code should be portable enough to run on other platforms.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 1,83 MB

SDL Asylum - sdl-asylum.zip
Source of a C port of the computer game Asylum, which was written by Andy Southgate in 1994 for the Acorn Archimedes and is now public domain. It should be possible to run it on any platform which sup...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 464,22 KB

lal - lal.zip
Source of a clock for the dock. It is a very simple application designed for use with WMs like Openbox that provide a dock area.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 17,30 KB

synscan - synscan.zip
Source of a fast asynchronous half-open TCP portscanner. This tool will send TCP packets with the SYN flag set to an arbitrary block of destination addresses.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 67,62 KB

Network & Internet
GLSFcave - glsfcave.zip
Source of a port of SunFlat's SFcave to UNIX/OpenGL. The objective of the game is to control a ribbon and avoid hitting walls.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 5,43 KB

Vertex - vertex.zip
Source of a 3D modeler designed for experienced end users and programmers to create human-optimized OpenGL objects. It features a real-time rendering preview (while modeling), printing, v3d file forma...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 1,75 MB


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