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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
InetChkS - inetchks.zip
Source of a DLL containing several functions you can use to calculate checksums for IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and PPP protocols.
Language: Assembler - Size: 17,94 KB

memagent - memagent.zip
Source of a simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers. It supports most of the memcached protocol, keeping connections alive, and backing up server farms.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 17,37 KB

Network & Internet
VNCcrack - vnccrack.zip
Source of a fast offline password cracker for the VNC challenge/response protocol. If one can somehow observe a VNC authentication, then VNCcrack can run a dictionary attack against the exchange and a...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 38,67 KB

Network & Internet
Signsrch - signsrch.zip
Source of a tool for searching signatures inside files, extremely useful as help in reversing jobs like figuring or having an initial idea of what encryption/compression algorithm is used for a propri...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 47,20 KB

Proxymini - proxymini.zip
Source of a proxy server that fully supports all the following protocols: HTTP, HTTP CONNECT (for HTTPS and so on), SOCKS4 (TCP and TCP bind) and SOCKS5 (TCP, TCP bind and UDP).
Language: C, C++ - Size: 8,90 KB

Network & Internet
ctunnel - ctunnel.zip
Source of a command line program for tunneling and/or proxying TCP or UDP connections via a cryptographic tunnel. ctunnel can be used to secure any existing TCP or UDP based protocol, such as (but not...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 56,11 KB

Network & Internet
Simple Sockets - simple-sockets.zip
Source of a cross platform socket library. It is different from other socket libraries which mix the application protocol and transport protocol layer (i.e. TCP sockets, UDP sockets, HTTP sockets, etc...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 40,51 KB

Network & Internet
Very Strange Tunneling Tool - very-strange-tunneling-tool.zip
Source of a multi-protocol tunneling tool. It accepts input by TCP stream sockets and FIFOs, and can send data via TCP, POP3, and ICMP.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 98,12 KB

Network & Internet
Arp scan - arp-scan.zip
Source of a ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool. arp-scan sends ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) queries to the specified targets, and displays any responses that are received.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 440,34 KB

Network & Internet
Protocol Hopping Covert Channel Tool - protocol-hopping-covert-channel-tool.zip
Source of a tiny and basic proof of concept implementation of a protocol hopping covert channel. A protocol hopping covert channel is able to signal covert information while switching protocols to sta...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 16,29 KB

Network & Internet

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