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Learning for Kids
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learning for kids

Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
CatWalk - catwalk.zip
Source of program demonstrate the use of multithreading to drive animated sprites.
Language: Assembler - Size: 17,84 KB

OneRun - onerun.zip
Source of program to block multiple instances of the program passed to it via the command line (target program). It will check for a current instance of either itself or the target program, then execu...
Language: Assembler - Size: 4,89 KB

FAT12 boot loader - fat12-boot-loader.zip
Boot loader capable of reading and executing code from the given file stored on floppy disk.
Language: Assembler - Size: 13,73 KB

zzjson - zzjson.zip
Source of a lightweight C library for reading, writing, querying, and constructing JSON files and objects.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 37,71 KB

w3server - w3server.zip
Source of a Mini http server. It uses multi-threading and is very small.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 395,62 KB

Network & Internet
commonc++ - commonc.zip
Source of a C++ class library for developing cross-platform systems software for POSIX and Windows systems. It provides an intuitive, object-oriented abstraction and portability layer around common op...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 9,07 MB

apbcdb - apbcdb.zip
Source of high performance, read-only database library. It provides one API for creating a database and another for looking up values.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 28,02 KB

Piano Booster - piano-booster.zip
Source of a program that teaches you how to play the piano as well as the basics of reading musical notation. PianoBooster can play any MIDI files, listens and reacts to what you are playing on a MIDI...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 222,03 KB

Copy SAM and SYSTEM files - copy-sam-and-system-files.zip
Source of program show how to copies are not readable by conventional means, 2 files containing encrypted passwords of all Win2k/XP. SAM - the actual encrypted passwords, and SYSTEM - is needed for de...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 1,46 KB

cbmfs - cbmfs.zip
Source of a fuse filesystem for Commodore disk images. bmfs allows to mount 8-bit Commodore disk images into local filesystem. Currently, d64, d71, d81, d80, and d82 images are supported in read and w...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 34,40 KB


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