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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Rollup - rollup.zip
Source of program show floating toolbar window that can show/hide the client area with a single click.
Language: Assembler - Size: 4,01 KB

netrecon - netrecon.zip
Source of a small utility that can actively scan, actively scan a single ipv6 host/port, passively scan, run a mini tcpdumper and sniff arp packets.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 30,73 KB

Network & Internet
audio combine - audio-combine-.zip
Source of a simple utility for combining multiple audio files together into larger multi-channel files. For example, if you have 2 mono WAV files and you want a single stereo WAV file, you can use aud...
Language: C, C++ - Size: 14,59 KB

SMA - sma.zip
Source of a small collection of programs that perform different tests for association between genotypes at a single marker and a binary disease status.
Language: C, C++ - Size: 121,28 KB

Infos DB - infos-db.zip
Source program that shows how to create a text database that stores data in a single text file, with the possibility of visual design.
Language: Delphi - Size: 14,68 KB

GenTone - gentone.zip
Source program that shows an example of a single-frequency generation and playback signal from 200 Hz to 20 kHz.
Language: Delphi - Size: 3,37 KB

Billiards 2 - billiards-2.zip
Source game "Billiards". Play two: man and computer. The first person makes a move. The game moves to another player if the player does scored in a single ball pocket.
Language: Delphi - Size: 10,56 KB

Billiard - billiard.zip
An interesting source, the beloved game billiards in which the winner is who could throw as many balls in the pocket. And the first move is provided to you and given to another player if the current p...
Language: Delphi - Size: 22,73 KB

MGraph - mgraph.zip
Source program that shows how to create a cross-platform software package designed to graphically construct mathematical and functional relationships of arbitrarily complex formation, given analytical...
Language: Delphi - Size: 32,38 KB

Installation Package - installation-package.zip
Source of utility installations, using the methods of archiving Zip, the final installation package has the form of a single executable file.
Language: Delphi - Size: 43,46 KB

Data Compress / Encryption

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