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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
mdlCoding - mdlcoding.zip
Source of Module with functions for conversion from OEM (DOS-866) in the ANSI (WIN-1251) and vice versa. And also a function of circuit breaker. definition encoding: OEM (DOS-866) or ANSI (WIN-1251).
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 1,52 KB

Oscillator - oscillator.zip
Source of a very good example of the oscillator. The program generates and displays a sine wave or square wave. It is possible to adjust the amplitude, frequency and volume.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,39 KB

ID3Tag - id3tag.zip
Source of a tag editor program for mp3 files.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 13,68 KB

Wave Recorder - wave-recorder.zip
Source of program show how to record programs from wav files. The program works on such functions: waveInOpen, waveInPrepareHeader, waveInStart, waveInReset, etc.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 7,63 KB

Volume Control - volume-control.zip
Source of program show how to Volume Control.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,59 KB

Calculator - calculator.zip
Source of a Calculator with conventional and engineering functions.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,83 KB

Encrypter - encrypter.zip
Source of a simple cipher. XOR Encrypts a password. Purely for information.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 13,28 KB

Data Compress / Encryption
Game Quest RPG - game-quest-rpg.zip
Source of simple RPG game. No DirectX and BitBlt. The game displays a graph by drawing simple pictures. For each card has its own background music. It also allows you to persist.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 40,30 KB

The game "Minesweeper" - the-game-quotminesweeperquot.zip
Windows Sapper Source Code.Externally, a complete analog standard sapper in Windows.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 13,79 KB

Compression of text files using Huffman - compression-of-text-files-using-huffman.zip
Source of program show Huffman Compression, the algorithm can compress a file in any format, but text files, this method shows the best performance. What's most interesting performance is the speed of...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 6,09 KB


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