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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Calculator of mathematical expressions - calculator-of-mathematical-expressions.zip
Source of program show the calculation of mathematical expressions entered type "ln e + rnd (2) + 3 (2) 4 * (log (tan (itan a )))"), and receive the finished result. Key features include: ma...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 55,23 KB

Working with SQL / Stored Proc / ADO - working-with-sql--stored-proc--ado-.zip
Source shows a high-performance data access to SQL Server using ADO command objects and stored procedures for querying Insert, Update, Delete and Select. Presented two methods for sampling - the first...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 7,84 KB

Working with MySQL in Visual Basic - working-with-mysql-in-visual-basic.zip
The example includes a library of functions for working with libmysql.dll database MySQL. Library contains all the many features and a halt to facilitate the creation of applications working with MySQ...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 25,64 KB

Access to the database ADO / DAO through Winsock - access-to-the-database-ado--dao-through-winsock.zip
The project shows how to add / remove, read / write to DB ADO / DOA through a network or dialup connection. Authenticated. Present ability to view users, as well as drag and drop technology for remote...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 128,46 KB

Program for processing logs miniATS - program-for-processing-logs-miniats.zip
Program in real-time data via a serial port and writes to the database. Working with database via ADO. For a serial component is used MSComm32. To parse a string using the protocol component MSScript.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 74,80 KB

Working with COM port - working-with-com-port.zip
This small program opens the COM port and allows you to record and read data from it. The source code will help you create an application that can work with a modem, scanner, barcode, printer, working...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,68 KB

ProgressBar in System Tray - progressbar-in-system-tray.zip
Source shows how to put a progress bar in the System Tray (in place of hours system).
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 2,02 KB

Form in Systray - form-in-systray.zip
Source of program show "Put everything in the System Tray that you want":) By the way good problem space to the system instead of the usual hour or so of text icons.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 6,73 KB

Add items to system menu - add-items-to-system-menu.zip
This example demonstrates adding an unlimited number of items in the menu system for your application (system - it opens on the top blue bar window or when you right-click on the application minimized...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,42 KB

Multithreading - multithreading.zip
The example shows how to embed the application to create parallel threads, manage, and complete them by means of API calls. Of course this is not a masterpiece, but start with this example is worth it...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 8,94 KB


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