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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Set system clock automatically - set-system-clock-automatically.zip
This small application shows how to get the current time (GMT) from the Internet and set the system time on your PC.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 1,62 KB

Convert image to ASCII - convert-image-to-ascii.zip
Example program converts the image into ASCII characters, so it also shows step by step the whole process of transformation: 1) Reducing the size, 2) converting images to black and white and finally t...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 61,77 KB

Cut out the image - cut-out-the-image.zip
This example shows how you can cut out pictures from a particular region, and then deploy this piece vertically or horizontally. But the basic idea of ??source code, it show how to work with Bitblt.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 45,53 KB

Flash Intro to Visual Basic - flash-intro-to-visual-basic.zip
Source of program show how to use Flash Intro.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 55,56 KB

Adding transparency to Bitmap / GIF / JPG - adding-transparency-to-bitmap--gif--jpg.zip
Source of program show API function TransparentBlt. Here are two examples. The first shows how to animate, with the help of this function, while the second shows a simple use GetPixel API. Davolno nic...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 64,00 KB

Writing text on a circle - writing-text-on-a-circle.zip
Example demonstrates how to create text in a circle in a picture or object to print. Subject to change various parameters: radius, color, font, sector, etc.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 5,50 KB

Fire in real time - fire-in-real-time.zip
The program draws a fairly realistic fire with the sick of FPS (frames per second). Works in 16, 24, or 32-bit color mode. The example uses the API calls, which most programmers are probably not seen ...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 16,98 KB

Adding an image in a RichTextBox - adding-an-image-in-a-richtextbox.zip
Customer case study shows how to replace a chat in the chat window the chat smiley ":)" on the picture smiley face :)
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 2,79 KB

Gradient fill buttons - gradient-fill-buttons.zip
The buttons are added to the different effects and features. The proposed set of effects is impressive.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 134,36 KB

Multi-port scanner - multiport-scanner.zip
Most of the encountered port scanners, use at the same time not more than 50 open sockets. This example allows you to send as many as 200 requests, which allows much faster to scan, the remote compute...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 3,37 KB

Network & Internet

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