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Programming LanguageInformation Source CodeCategory
Simple ICQ client - simple-icq-client.zip
The first ICQ client made in VB, now he can send and receive messages / url. Checks online / offline status of users, change the status to Invisible, Away, N / A, etc.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 133,71 KB

Network & Internet
Project IRC - project-irc.zip
Normal client IRC. MDI interface. It seems that the author is a staunch supporter of the IRC and so he is constantly improving its capabilities. There is a lot of some obscure features.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 37,65 KB

Network & Internet
Personal proxy server - personal-proxy-server.zip
An example is a small HTTP proxy server. This is the only protocol on which it can operate. The author says that it simply does not know how to add for example the protocol FTP, and it would have been...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 15,06 KB

Network & Internet
Distribution Files on LAN - distribution-files-on-lan.zip
This program was created to update on the test laptop to my network software. The main task to verify the version of software on the computers in the network and in contrast to copy the version update...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 26,26 KB

Network & Internet
Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer - tic-tac-toe-multiplayer.zip
The example shows how to use winsock in your application, as an example to all easy game.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 11,84 KB

Network & Internet
Protect your system - protect-your-system.zip
The program monitors all TCP / UDP connections, and can inform you of new compounds. The program has already entered all the standard ports of Trojans, which will allow you to warn of attempted penetr...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 68,62 KB

IRC server - irc-server.zip
The most common ??open source IRC server. Supports the administration, leading logs, etc.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 71,01 KB

Network & Internet
IP Calculator - ip-calculator.zip
An example is a calculator that simplifies the lives of network administrators, that allows you to get information Next: class network, the number of bits used in the subnet mask, number of subnets av...
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 11,21 KB

Network & Internet
A pop-up menu with a title - a-popup-menu-with-a-title.zip
An example can show the vertical picture on the left side menu, like the Start menu in Windows. The menu can be placed child controls.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 4,97 KB

Menu MS Works 2000 - menu-ms-works-2000.zip
The sample includes the following features: display of banned and highlighted items, the selection gradient and lighting, as well as dividing lines.
Language: Visual Basic - Size: 33,55 KB


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